Magic Mop Bucket with Wheels
Magic Mop Bucket with Wheels

Magic Mop Bucket with Wheels

Capacity : 8888 ml

8888 ml

Color: Blue


Product Features

  • Absorbent and Long Lasting Microfiber Mop
  • Height Adjustable Clip Lock Handle
  • 360° Wringer for Easy Drying of Mop
  • Two Buckets to Separate Clean and Dirty Water
  • Water Outlet for Easy Water Draining
  • Big Wheels and Flexi Handle for Easy Movement
  • Easy Cleaning for Home Kitchen, Office and Retail Shops

Product Description

A superior quality floor cleaning dual tub bucket mop, this product comes with a durable mop and wringer for quick, easy and deep cleaning. It has built-in wheels that make moving it around the house a lot easier without lifting it. The dual tub has two compartments for easy cleaning and drying. The mop features a pivoting and super absorbent microfiber head and also comes with the self-wringing feature for quick drying.