Big Bite
Big Bite
Big Bite
Big Bite
Big Bite

Big Bite

Capacity : 1000 ml

1000 ml
600 ml

Color: Black


Product Features

  • Air Tight, Keeps food Fresh for Longer
  • BPA Free and Food Grade Material
  • Ideal for Packing Lunch and Snacks for School and Office
  • Compact Design can easily fit in Backpack and Lunchbag
  • Easy to Open Lid

Product Description

This lunchbox easily fits into a backpack or a lunch bag, thereby making it an ideal choice for packing lunch/snacks for school and office. The lid of this lunchbox is airtight and comes with a four-sided locking system, which helps keep the food fresh and retains its aroma and taste, while the leak-resistant feature ensures that there is no spillage. This lunchbox is made from food-grade BPA-free material, and it is also easy to clean & wash, which makes it a perfect choice for daily use.