As the month of May approaches, it brings along the notorious heat wave with it. While these hot days seem to be despised by many, there is also a silver lining to our tolerance, that is, our favorite fruit is nurtured and ripened into a sweet, delicious mango in the following month. 

So while the king of fruits arrives to bless us all with its delicacy, shouldn’t we be preparing to receive all the bliss?   

Moreover, Who isn’t a fan of all sorts of Mango smoothies, mango shakes, and Aamras! One shouldn’t be surprised if you see people having mangoes for lunch and dinner as well! Such is the obsession with mangoes in our country. 

Start your preparations with Capri Food Jar by Polyset. It is Vacuum insulated, meaning that it keeps your smoothies and shakes cold for a long, long amount of time. Now tell me if you like your Aarmras cold! 

While on your vacations, mangoes tend to bring out the creative chef within you.

From preparing all kinds of mango shakes, soup, and even mocktails, the process is rather incomplete without sharing it with your appreciators. 

But don’t worry about spilling or carrying your drinks hastily because the Capri Jar comes to the rescue. Its spill-proof design keeps your smoothies locked inside so you could travel miles to share your all sorts of mango delicacy, keeping its freshness intact. 

And just when you tally the manifold uses of Capri Jar in summer, don’t forget to recall how a warm jar of soup could heal you in the middle of a cold, hectic day in winter. 

All in all, the Capri Jar by Polyset gives you the kind of liberty you would like while following a liquid heavy diet by allowing you to carry semi-solid food for a long amount of time, without losing its freshness and maintaining the right temperature. 

Hence, Polyset’s Capri Food Jar stands testimony to its promise of Evolving With You.

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